Thursday, January 22, 2009


  1. why u make blogspot make best personal website.
    after all i think ur mtv employee. otherwise how u get this information. and why do not advertise ur site.because not much people comment on ur site.

  2. yea dude we are thinking of advertising about the site. about blogspot we love it......

  3. the reason not much ppl commented on this site is cause till few days back their was some problem with comment box. no1 was able to comment. comment box problem got solved just 2 days back. and see ppl have started commenting, it will grow

    we love your comments, so do as much as you can


  4. I'm sure everyone would love to see some videos from Roadies season 1.
    I've been searching frantically for the same all over the net, but no use...Do post them if you can.:)

  5. look at him he loooks cho cute .. we want to c those episodes just to remind our momories .... roadies 1 episodes

  6. please upload roadies season 1 videos i wanna see it

  7. yes even i wanna see roadies 1 videos

  8. Hey... this is the first time I got to see the photos of Roadies 1- the season where Rannvijay was a participant. Now please upload the videos so that everyone can enjoy seeing them...

  9. hey
    like everybody else.. i want to see the season one videos as well.. it ll be nice of u .
    the pics r really nice .
    thanx :)

  10. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee upload roadies season 1 videos

    please please


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