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Friday, January 23, 2009

Mtv Roadies History All Selected Contestants List With Pics

Season 1

Started on:
August 15th 2003

1. Divya Shukla from Bangalore
2. Tony Kordelia from Pune
3. Mini Goel from Chandigarh
4. Rannvijay Singh Singha from Delhi
5. Ranjit Bajaj from Chandigarh
6. Natasha Gulati from Delhi
7. Ignoor Bains from Rajpura, Punjab.

No official winner was declared as no one could complete the task.
But Ranvijay got the fame and turned out to be the most happening next VJ on MTV
and hosted all the next roadies & also the recent Splitsvilla.

Season 2

Started on:
August 21st 2004

1. Aarti Seth from Delhi
2. Ayushmann Khurrana from Chandigarh
3. Candy Brar from Chandigarh
4. Neha Bhatia from Pune
5. Shaleen Bhanot from Mumbai
6. Vinod Rawat from Mumbai
7. Varun Agarwal from Kolkata

Ayushmann Khurrana.

Season 3

Started on
November 11th 2005

1. Shubhi Mehta from Mumbai
2. Priyanka Bhau from Delhi
3. Stuti Nagpal from Delhi
4. Abhijeet Ghosh from Secunderabad
5. Rahul Mehta from Delhi
6. Krishnesh Nayak from Hydrabad
7. Parul Shahi from New Delhi
8. Sonia Clark from Chandigarh
9. Amitinder S Deepak from Chandigarh
10. Meher Ahmed from Guwhati
11. Anuj Sachdeva from Delhi
12. Laveen Bhardwaj from Chandigarh
13. Shubendru Sood from Chandigarh

Parul Shahi. The first girl to win on Roadie.
Truly daring. After roadie, we didn't see much of Parul anywhere.

Season 4

Started on:
11 November 2006 at 7 pm.

1. Raj Roy from Kolkata
2. Poonam Thacker from Kolkata
3. Anthony Yeh from Kolkata
4. Rishabh Dhir from Mumbai
5. Swati Ahuja from Delhi
6. Shaleen Malhotra from Delhi
7. Sonam Gupta from Delhi
8. Roopali Anand from Delhi
9. Ankit Mohan from Delhi
10. Gurbani (aka Bani) Judge from Chandigarh
11. Vishal Karwal from Chandigarh
12. Sahil Anand from Chandigarh
13. Amandeep Narang's (aka Oorja) from Chandigarh

Anthony Yeh.
It was a surprise for most of them that he actually survived until the final round.
We didn't see Antony just like Parul after Rodies.

Season 5

Started on:
22nd March 2007

1. Varun from Chandigarh
2. Prabhjot from Chandigarh
3. Vibhor from Chandigarh
4. Ayaz from Kolkata
5. Ankita from Kolkata
6. Shambhavi from Delhi
7. Anmol from Delhi
8. Vikrant from Delhi
9. Ankita aka simran from Delhi
10. Sonel from Delhi
11. Aashutosh aka aashu from Jaipur (Delhi-reject/Chandigarh-reject)
12. Nihal from Mysore but was selected from Mumbai auditions
13. Snehashish from Mumbai

Aashutosh aka aashu. He won the game without any pain and struggle.
He said no to eat non-veg, had an accident with Sonel but played nice mind games and politics to survive till the end. he also won other reality show big boss 2 and turned very famous.

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  1. I wanna know about Anoop Manav Shashtri ws he ever a contestant of roadies at any level plzlet me know


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