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Monday, February 25, 2008

Ayaz ahmed


  1. ayaz is a true roadie.others just play politics.i want ayaz back. it was not at all fair 2 vote out ayaz by the other idiot roadies.he should b given a chance 2 show his abilities.

  2. Hey plz bring back Ayaz.........He deserves to be in roadies........He is soo nice ........

  3. hey ayaz ur i lik u alot n im fallen in luv 4 u i just wanna say dat ur da true doest matter dat u voted out ur still a roadie 4 me n dont think dat u weak lyf is big man n ull win.. once coz ur really strong...n by da way i also stay in kolkata n i knw ur frns also... so i hope i can meet u once in my whole lyf...coz i really luv u n i can do nething 4 u .. tc of ur self buh bye..allah hafiz


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