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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Esha Deol Latest Pics Roadies X2 Auditions With Fans

Esha Deol Latest Pics Roadies X2 Auditions With Fans

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

MTV Roadies Treasure Hunt Registration Open Now - Lifetime experience

“It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves - in finding themselves.” If these words of Andre Gide, the French Nobel Literature winner, echo the voice of your spirit, then you are the one we look for! The Roadies Treasure Hunt, a prelude to Roadies XII, is unlike any other treasure hunt you have seen before. 

A treasure hunt on bikes, spanning over the entire city of Pune, will have travel, adventure, excitement and loads of adrenaline rush! But, this ain’t the game for the mild-hearted. You will need to go through an intensive online quiz to prove your worth. Only the chosen ones will get a chance to be a part of the most-awaited treasure hunt of this season, to prove your mettle amongst the best ones of the nation. Efforts will be applauded, but only results will be finally rewarded. A chance to be a part of MTV Roadies Treasure Hunt with goodies from MTV and an experience of a lifetime, if this doesn’t thrill you, then nothing can! 

 COURAGE. ATTITUDE. EXUBERANCE. YOU! Book your dates, register for the quiz! We are coming to you on 3rd January, 2015 !

 Rules & Regulation: 
The registrations for the quiz will open on 27th December 6.00 PM I.S.T, and will close on 3rd January 2015 9.59 PM I.S.T. 

The quiz will be held on 3rd January 2015 10.00 P.M I.S.T on College Nucleus. 

The quiz will consist of 40 questions which are to be answered within a time limit of 20 minutes. All the questions asked will be related to previous seasons of Roadies 

 Rules for this quiz are given below:
 Round 1: ONLINE: Quiz Event Description: Participants will be presented with an online quiz comprising 40 questions. These questions will judge the knowledge of previous roadies events. 
 Time Limit: 20 mins 
 Online Quiz on 3rd January 2015: 10:00 PM 
 Results: 5th January 2015 
The decisions of the organizers of the contest and the panel of judges will be final and binding on all the participants. 

Rules & Regulations: 
 1. Open to all Indian nationals who are 18 years of age or above. 
2. Applicants with a bike in Pune is preferable.
 3. Owning/Riding a bike is not mandatory but preferable. Applicants with bikes must carry the bikes to the Venue of the Event. 
4. Applicants with bikes must have valid 2 (two) wheeler driving license in order to participate in the event. The expiry date of such driving License should not be less than 12 (twelve) months from the date of application/registration.
 5. Each participant must carry a smartphone with GPS facility. 
6. Participants should carry their own Helmets. 
7. Participants who are shortlisted would be required to travel at their own expense to Pune City when announced/informed by the Organizer for the event.
 8. Food & Accommodation would be provided on an extra cost. 
9. Event Venue: Symbiosis Institute of International Business (SIIB) G. No. 174/1, Hinjewadi Phase-1, Taluka - Mulshi, Dist. Pune – 411 057 Maharashtra, India. 
10. Like the Ignisense Facebook page to deem yourself eligible for the event.

 Frequently Asked Questions:
 1) I don’t have a bike, can I still participate in the Treasure Hunt? 

Answer: Yes, you can still participate in the treasure hunt as it is not mandatory to own a bike. Although owning one would help us manage things on the day of treasure hunt.

 2) I don’t have a driving license, can I still participate in the Treasure Hunt?

 Answer: Yes, you can still participate in the Treasure Hunt.

 3) I have a license but it got expired can I still participate in the Treasure Hunt? Answer: Yes, you can still participate in the Treasure Hunt. For those who have said that they know how to ride a bike and have a driving licence must check the expiry date of such driving License. It should not be less than 12 (twelve) months from the date of application/registration. 

 4) I am not from Pune, can I still participate? 

Answer: Yes, you can still participate in the Treasure Hunt. 

 5) Is this a time bound Game? 

Answer: Yes. The treasure hunt will last for almost 2-2.5 hours. 

 6) I am not from Pune can I get Accommodation? 

Answer: Yes, you can get an accommodation in Pune but for that you will have to pay an extra amount. 

 7) Is helmet compulsory for every one? 
Answer: Yes. Helmet is required for everyone. 

 8) Are we supposed to follow the Traffic Rules during the Treasure Hunt event? 
Answer: Yes. Violation of any traffic rules will not be entertained. 

 9) I have an Activa, can I still participate? 
Answer: No, we promote the spirit of roadies, only bikes are allowed. 

 10) I do not have a Facebook account, can i still Participate? 
Answer: Yes, you can still participate in the Treasure hunt. However, we advise you get a life and be a part of the social networking

Friday, December 19, 2014

Jump The Queue MTV Roadies X2

Want to Jump The Queue at the MTV Hero Roadies X2 Auditions?

Here's your chance to make a quick entry! Submit the following details to

MTV Roadies now lifestyle for youth, says Rannvijay Singha

Talking abourt the originality of his TV show, video jockey-turned-actor Rannvijay Singh said the Roadies has become a lifestyle for youngsters. He added that the 'Roadie spirit' will continue to jazz up things on the show.

"It has become a lifestyle for the youth who talk of the Roadie spirit. They might not be on the show but they comment on the spirit when someone does something extraordinary in real life. We will try to keep that spirit in the current season too," Rannvijay said. 

He was in the city with the other 'gang leaders' of MTV Roadies X2 -- Esha Deol and Karan Kundra -- to scout for contestants. They also comprise the jury for this season, the 12th one

Esha Deol & Karan Kundra with Boxer Vijender Singh, who are judges of MTV Roadies X2 in Noida. (Photo by Burhaan Kinu / Hindustan Times)

"Most of the shows either come from Australia, the US or are franchises. It's a matter of pride that 'Roadies' is registered in 19 countries. The cult following has made the show what is today," said Rannvijay, who found fame on the show. 

Esha and Karan both spoke about discovering more about themselves through the show. "I have very strong opinions and very strong belief in myself and every 'Roadie' has to believe in themselves to prove a point and be strong and be fearless. I think I will discover much more about myself," Esha said. - See more at:

In Coversation With Esha Deol - MTV Roadies X2

Taking forward her role of a gutsy biker in “Dhoom”, Bollywood actor Esha Deol will now be seen as a judge of an adventure reality show featuring bikers. Esha will be the first female judge in “MTV Roadies X2” on MTV. Along with Rannvijay Singh, she will have for company pugilist Vijendra Singh and TV actor Karan Kundra as co-judges.

Often seen playing the girl-next-door , this lively member of the Deol clan is not boggled down by her short stint in the film industry. Having shared screen space with the cream of Bollywood actors in movies like“Na Tum Jaano Na Hum”,Yuva”, “Kaal” and“No Entry”Esha has had her fair share of ups and downs. In a conversation with The Friday Review, Esha talks about her career, dance and life post-marriage.
Excerpts from an interview:
What drew you to “Roadies”?
“Roadies” is a cult youth show which keeps you on your toes and has something new in store always.
It deeply influences the youth and leaves a lasting impression on the audience. As an audience, I have enjoyed watching this show and judging it would be even more exciting as it involves a lot of travelling. The movies usually showed the characters I played but “Roadies” will show the real me and I believe life should be lived like an adventure and enjoyed to the fullest. When I was approached to be the first female judge in this show, it was very appealing and something I was willing to do.
How has marriage changed things for you on the career front?
Life is beautiful after marriage. I believe once you are settled emotionally with a partner, someone who supports you to work after marriage, you should go out and do something really productive.
I am lucky to have in-laws who are sweethearts and support me in every decision of mine. The initial days I spent being the bahu and learnt to cook food and explore life with my partner.
When you look back, is there any aspect of your life you would like to change or any regrets? you have?
Life is too good to look back! Why would I look back when looking ahead is more fun? I am at a stage where I am happy with my life and I am too young to have regrets or look back in life. I am a true Scorpion and I believe in getting up and moving forward every time. I am happy with what I am doing, be it marriage or now “Roadies”. It has kept me constantly active and I would rather do that than sit in a van and get bored. I have done some good movies and some really bad movies but such is life! You just have to take it in your stride and move on.
You have always been into physical training. What is that you want to tell the youth about your idea of fitness?
I have been into physical fitness from my childhood. Be it football or dance, I have always been the sporty kind. I am also the kind of girl who has given it back to people in public. I have always been that tom boy and fitness is something very important to a woman even after marriage. I work out even now and I believe it is very important for a woman to look good always. It is highly imperative that a person eats right and there has to be some physical exercise in everyone’s life.
How has it been growing up in a semi South-Indian household with classical dance as an integral part of your life and being the ever-so-lovely Hema Malini's daughter?
My sister and I were always brought up with deep cultural values and classical dance has always been an amazing part of our lives. The South Indian tradition of being very disciplined and proper has always been instilled in us by my mother and my grandmother. idlies idllis dosas rasam rasam I frequently converse in Tamil and my roots are very strong. My mother is an extremely pure person and her discipline and dance have kept her as radiant as ever.
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